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Receive a $1500 scholarship to our On Campus Program for participating.

We believe practice makes perfect. With more time, you can develop your skills and increase your capacity to learn the Launch way.
Early Access
Get early access to Launch’s instructional staff, learning materials, and community, because it’s better learning together.

Follow along with Launch Academy's Co-Founder, Dan Pickett.
21 BONUS JS Challenges
Fresh out of the studio, we've produced 21 new challenges and lessons to help transform you into a developer in 2019.

Together, we'll dive into the fundamentals of JavaScript. Let's get to work!
Become a Software Developer
Preflight is where it all begins. Once you've completed the preflight challenge, you'll be well prepared for Launch Academy's On Campus Immersive. Through a remarkable 21 weeks of training, we'll equip you with the skills you need to land your first development job. Follow in the footsteps of 800+ professional software developers, and launch your career with Launch Academy.
Week 1:
Building Blocks
Go from "Hello World" to writing decision-making and randomizing programs.
Week 2:
Validate user input and write programs that repeatedly execute logic.
Week 3:
Learn your first data structure and begin working with lists of data.
Challenge Summary
Practice the fundamentals of JavaScript programming in 21 EXTRA days of project-based learning.
Learning Goals
  •  Practice providing output and receiving input via JavaScript
  •  Incorporate flow control to make decisions in your programs
  •  Incorporate looping to make for increasingly interactive programs
  •  Work with JavaScript arrays to maintain lists of data
  •  Define and invoke JavaScript functions
Who Should Take This Course
This workshop is for learners with little to no JavaScript experience. If you want to attend Launch Academy, this is the best way to prepare.
"Preflight provides a good basic understanding on how programming languages work, in general, and sets us up to come into Ignition having a strong grasp on what object oriented programming does."

- Mike Mathieu, Boston 24
"It was a good on ramp to basic programming concepts, and was good to get used to some of the tools we will be using in the class."

- Ross Daly, Boston 24
Dear Future Coder,
Have you ever thought, “I want to learn to code, but I don’t have the time to figure out where to start”? There’s so much talk online about how easy it is to learn, but after connecting with thousands of would-be developers, the sad truth is that very few are successful in their learn-to-code journey. To explain this, I think about the learn-to-code journey like the moon landing. I’m talking about the Apollo 11 mission that ultimately took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon. Sorry conspiracy theorists, it happened!

Seriously, though, just to get the astronauts into space and away from Earth’s gravity, it took 861,400 gallons of fuel to get from the launch pad to low Earth orbit, a distance of 254 miles. Though it was only the first 0.1% of the total distance to the moon, it took 91% of the trip’s total fuel to escape Earth’s gravity! You see, it’s the first part of the journey that takes the most work. Having now helped to launch over 750 careers in software development, it’s become clear to me that the hardest part is getting started. Like the Saturn V rockets that took the astronauts away from Earth and speeding towards the moon, most of the work in learning to code is about getting off the ground and into orbit! The gravity of your inaction is what is keeping you from taking flight and reaching your goals.

Maybe you don’t know what “stack” to learn, or you can’t find the right “getting started” resource that speaks to you. It might be that you understand the concepts, but can’t put the code together yourself. Or, it could have been that one monster bug you couldn’t get past. Man, I hate those.

Some learners break through, but most stall out and never get past the atmosphere. I’ve been teaching developers for over six years now, and this breaks my heart. So much unrealized potential, and so many dreams left unfulfilled.

I don’t want that to happen to you. As we look towards your new career, let’s get you on your way. Join me for 21 days of JavaScript coding, from the very beginning, before Ignition begins, and we’ll get your learn-to-code journey off of the launch pad.
How it will work:
  •  Each week has a conceptual theme around the basics of JavaScript.
  •  Every weekday, via pre-recorded video, we’ll run through a software development concept, and I’ll assign you a small challenge to put that concept to work.
  •  The next day, I’ll publish my solution and a video of me working through it.
  •  As you progress, you’ll get access to our chat support team to help you get UNSTUCK. 
  •  If you fall behind, don’t worry. you’ll have the weekend to catch up, and improve any of the code you worked on throughout the week.
Next year, we plan to charge a few hundred dollars for this three-week challenge, but I want to offer it to you for FREE when you enroll in our On Campus three weeks before Ignition begins. And, because you’re so intentional about getting yourself into orbit and DOING the work, we’re offering a $1500 scholarship to those that participate in the challenge. It’s by far the best way to prepare for Ignition, Launch Academy’s pre-learning program.

I hope that you'll take us up on this opportunity to bring momentous change to your life and career.

I look forward to coding with you,
Dan Pickett
Launch Academy
Taught by Launch Academy’s Co-Founder
I believe that getting started is the hardest part, and that’s where our best educators in Tech should focus. That’s why I’m taking a personal interest in you, the beginner, and this course.

I have over 18 years of professional experience coding and mentoring other developers, so you’ll be in good hands. I’m looking forward to spending 21 days with you.
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You must have questions. We have answers!
When does the Preflight Challenge start?
Preflight begins exactly 3 weeks before the first day of Ignition.
When’s it over?
The last Preflight Challenge assignment goes out the Sunday before Ignition begins. So, you'll go right from the Preflight Challenge into your pre-learning for the On Campus program.
How can I take the challenge?
Apply, get accepted, and enroll before the challenge kicks off.
Can I join late?
Nope. You have to have interviewed before Preflight's start date to qualify for participation. We can get you into the challenge if you issue your deposit that first week, but you'll have some catching up to do.
I’m already enrolled. Can I still participate? Do I have to participate?
If you’re already enrolled, you get this additional coursework as a bonus. Participation is optional. Currently enrolled students are not eligible for this scholarship.
What if I miss a day?
Life. We get it! Each week has 5 challenges, so the weekend is always free if you need to catch up!
How do I apply the scholarship to my tuition?
When you apply and interview, tell your interviewer you’re interested in the Preflight Coding Challenge. When you’ve satisfactorily completed the challenge, we’ll apply the $1500 credit to your tuition. 
I’m pretty busy. Do I have to show up somewhere, whether online or on campus?
Nope. This portion of the course is all about learning at a time that’s convenient for you. Watch the videos and do the challenges on your time. Chat support will be offered at established times throughout the week in case you need a hand.
I don’t intend to join the On Campus program. Can I still participate?
Sorry, not this time. We may offer the Preflight Challenge again, but for now we're only offering it to our early On Campus enrollees. 
What happens to the material after the challenge is over?
Like everything at Launch, you get lifetime access to the course material. It will serve you well in Ignition, too, as you start to dive into the material in that portion of the program. Ignition will draw from the fundamentals you've learned in Preflight.
When I’m ready for the job hunt, can I add these challenges to my portfolio?
Sure. Launch is all about making your GitHub profile shine, so we’ll encourage you to include these exercises in your portfolio. To keep it fun and exciting for future students, we may ask you to hold back a few, select projects.
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